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We Care Learning & Development Center Inc., opened its doors in 2014 in the Olney section of Philadelphia. The center has always had a strong focus on literacy and self reliance. We desired that our children be prepared for the transition from early child care to elementary school.














​​Our mission is to provide individualized education to address children’s unique styles of learning, which will promote character, independence and enable them to contribute to their peers in a  meaningful and positive manner.


Our Vision is to foster children’s love for learning, encourage them to try new exciting concepts while giving them a solid foundation to build on. We provide a developmentally inclusive environment for children to become independent learners.


We Care Learning & Development Center Inc., (WCLDC) is an educational center that operates with the highest degree of care, perseverance and integrity. We successfully apply well established educational practices with the following:


Passion: Providing a safe, friendly and nurturing environment where children can grow.


Patience: Individualized teaching strategies to ensure all children learn.


Purpose: To help parents to raise confident, knowledgeable and secure children.

Our commitment is to promote a safe, positive and inclusive structured classroom for all children. We believe every child is unique and we support them in reaching their full potential.

Give us a call:

(215) 224-7735


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