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Educational Philosophy

At We Care Learning Center, our educational philosophy concerning teaching children to read at an early age is rooted in a deep understanding of the critical importance of early literacy development. We believe that the foundation of reading skills laid during a child's formative years is the key to unlocking their full potential and nurturing a lifelong love for learning. Our philosophy can be summarized in the following key principles:


Early Literacy Is Fundamental: We believe that early literacy is the cornerstone of a child's educational journey. It is not only a valuable skill but also a gateway to exploration, imagination, and knowledge. Teaching children to read at a young age empowers them to comprehend, communicate, and connect with the world around them.


Individualized Learning: Every child is unique, with their own pace of development and learning style. We are dedicated to recognizing and respecting these individual differences. Our educational philosophy is centered on providing tailored, age-appropriate instruction to meet each child where they are in their literacy journey.


A Love for Reading: We aim to instill a genuine passion for reading by exposing children to a wide range of age-appropriate literature. We create a nurturing and inspiring environment where books are celebrated, and children are encouraged to choose and enjoy their reading materials.


Building a Strong Foundation: Early literacy development extends beyond learning to read; it includes developing pre-reading skills such as phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension. We focus on building a solid foundation in these areas, ensuring that children are well-prepared for the reading challenges that lie ahead.


Parent and Family Involvement: We firmly believe that parents and families play a vital role in a child's literacy journey. We encourage open communication and collaboration with families to create a supportive and cohesive learning environment that extends beyond the classroom.



At We Care Learning Center, our educational philosophy is grounded in the belief that teaching children to read at an early age is an investment in their future. We are committed to fostering a love for reading and learning that will accompany children throughout their lives, providing them with the tools they need to succeed and excel in an ever-changing world.

Young Toddlers Class: 12 months to 23 months


We understand that the early years are a period of immense growth and exploration. Our program for young toddlers is thoughtfully designed to create a stimulating and safe environment where they can embark on their learning journey. We use the Teaching Strategies curriculum to introduce foundational concepts such as communication, early math skills, and social interaction. Through age-appropriate activities and play, we help young toddlers develop their cognitive and motor skills while promoting a love for learning.

Older Toddlers Class: 24 months to 36 months




Pre-School Class: 37 months to 5 years old

Our preschool program is centered on preparing children for the transition to formal schooling. With the Teaching Strategies curriculum as our guide, we create a dynamic learning environment that fosters a deep love for exploration, problem-solving, and creativity. We aim to equip preschoolers with the critical thinking skills, early literacy, and numeracy skills they need for a smooth transition to kindergarten and beyond.


The Teaching Strategies curriculum is instrumental in helping us provide individualized education for each child, recognizing their unique needs and abilities. We integrate play-based learning, hands-on experiences, and a nurturing atmosphere to make education an enjoyable adventure for all age groups.


At We Care Learning Center, we believe that high-quality education is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It's about recognizing the potential in each child and providing them with the tools to thrive. Our commitment to the Teaching Strategies curriculum is a testament to our dedication to offering the best possible education for young toddlers, older toddlers, and preschoolers.

As children progress to the older toddler stage, our program builds upon the knowledge and skills they have acquired. We continue to follow the Teaching Strategies curriculum to provide a structured yet flexible approach to education. Our older toddler program focuses on enhancing language and communication, problem-solving abilities, and social development. We believe that nurturing curiosity and independence in this age group is essential for their future success.

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